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Maintain your Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book and other Activities now chating with your friends on .


We provide world class IT services, Business solutions and Outsourcing. Expertise includes software services for school, College, Accounting and Inventory,  Society and NGO managements


Careers at ASL, a leader in IT services, business solution and outsourcing. Working  with ASL affords  you with the sense of certainly of a suceessful career that would be driven by bound less growth opportunity.

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ASL Computers Presents

Easy Day Book is a free web application that enables a user to maintain his daily accounting needs as sale, purchase, income, expenditure, payment, receipt, making cash and bankbook statement. User can also create activities or reminders with date, time and descriptions.

Easy Day Book is 100% secure and safe. We know the value of data and security. So user on can handle their account with their desired user ID and Password. If any user forgets their respective password then click on forget password and reset your password with given email id. If any user wants to change his password then after login he can change his password clicking on change password option. is a user-friendly web application that maintains your daily account in an effective manner. Any newly user can work very easily with the help of user manual or you may call to 9716288550, 9716288551 for any help.

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